Founded in 2009, the company initially started its activities as an independent, Antwerp based, steel trading company named ‘Ferreum BVBA’. After establishing partnerships in 2011 in the larger company ‘Ferreum NV’, the company changed its name to Capitra BV. While exclusively focusing on steel trading in Ferreum NV during the first number of years, Capitra BV later on also expanded into real estate, investing and other activities.


Ferreum NV

Capitra’s main business is its participation in Ferreum NV, a major Antwerp based steel trading company that specializes in carbon steel (used in construction, white goods, automotive sector, etc.), tinplate (packaging industry) and electrical steel (used in transformer and energy sector, electrical vehicles, etc.), with yearly sales of about 100.000 Tons to over 30 countries worldwide. 

Real estate

BTK16: Capitra BV is a shareholder in real estate holding company BTK16, which owns and manages Ferreum NV’s Antwerp office building.

Luva Resorts in Kappl, Austria: exclusive holiday residence in the Paznauntal region renowned for skiing and hiking, where Capitra owns a rental property. More info can be found here: 

Future projects include Antwerp based property as well as holiday rental property in the Bay of Biscay.

Investing and other activities

Capitra regularly invests in stocks, forex and funds, both independently or through its financial partners’ services. Another activity is automotive trading (occasional buying and selling of classic and sports cars).

General info

Office address: Londenstraat 60, B116
2000 Antwerp, Belgium.

VAT number: BE 0820.421.050


Please send an email to info@capitra.com for any inquiries you may have.